Chat Only by Chris Hawkes

Medium : Oil painting on canvas 

Size : 650 x 450 mm


Artwork Description

Created during the Covid-9  lockdown, this painting reproposes the abstracted image of a Baroque mythological nude combined with emojis. This piece references the experience of social distancing while nodding with humour at what the artist describes as 'the soft porn aspect often found in 17th century art'.


Artist Description

Chris Hawkes’ works incorporate non-conventional materials such as nail varnish, nail transfers and plastic gemstones which convey associations to femininity, contemporary consumerist culture and queer subcultures. Chris places various opposing yet interacting elements such as gestures, transcribed doodles, abstract forms, and pre-processed images within the space of the painting. The idea of the sampled, second hand or re-contextualised image evokes social media and the normalisation of the construction of ‘identities’ made of images. Their work has been exhibited in London, Brighton and in Chongqing, China, during a solo show at Organhuas Gallery.

Chat Only by Chris Hawkes



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