Collision No 7 by KV Duong

Medium : Acrylic and collage on board

Size : 400 x 300 x 50 mm


Artwork Description

A palimpsest is an object or image that reveals its history, just as a chalkboard allows the viewer to see partially erased marks. In relation to the Collision Series, three sets of palimpsests are utilized: media, history, and memory. This process involves ripping and overlaying various images of previous paintings, historic images of the Vietnam war, and photographs of KV's body painting performances. The layers are scratched, new paint is applied on top and the surface is defaced several times more. The repetitive process of ripping and healing builds new narratives while revealing some of the artwork’s history and mirroring the artist's life experiences. Topics of war, migration and the Asian diaspora are examined through KV's family’s experiences of cultural assimilation in Canada as a minority immigrant family, and his own subset of integration growing up as a gay Asian male.


Artist Description

KV Duong is a London based painter and action artist. His body of work has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs in London, Stockholm and Taipei and is part of iprivate collections across the world. KV's practice focuses on personal identity, migration, sexuality and human relationships. He draws from personal experiences growing up in Saigon, Toronto and London to explore the integration and conflict of Eastern and Western cultures and values.  His body of work combines different techniques and materials ranging from artworks on packaging cardboard - a tribute to his parents’ factory work in Canada - to carbon fibre polymer, as a reflection of the artist's background in structural engineering, to the use of mulberry paper and ink as a reference to the masters of Asian calligraphy. KV's paintings as well as his performances convey a sense of urgency and vulnerability both in their subjects and in their explorative use of material and texture.

Collision No 7 by KV Duong



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