Medium: Photographic print, framed in black poster frame

Size: 420 x 297 mm


Artwork Description

Black and white masochistic performative self-portrait expressing the fear and vulnerability of the traumatised transgender body.


Artist Description

Z'ev is a Camden born and raised interdisciplinary queer transgender Jewish disabled neuro-diverse artist and activist emerging into the London art scene, after achieving a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. His art falls under a genre he defines as “Manic-Expressionism” which conveys queer identity and gender performativity: ‘The purpose of my art is to reveal to the world my raw emotions and fears through a cathartic healing process while critiquing social injustice as a form of political resistance and grassroots activism. My art is a mix between emotional exhibitionism, gender performativity and masochistic performance, and intends to make the viewer feel a sense of discomfort while evoking empathy’. The artist specializes in conceptual performance and intermedia/cyber arts but also works with traditional fine arts media such as drawing, painting, and photography.



Corporeal Trauma by Z'ev Faith



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