Finally by Katie Wells

Medium : Acrylic on canvas, framed in a light wood thin frame, no glass

Size : 610 x 510 mm


Artwork Description

This painting combines chance marks from gestural paint-pouring with measured, intentional brush strokes. It’s intended to be expressive in its minimalism, with a limited colour palette and areas of high contrast. The artist says: 'This painting is my most personal work yet – after a long period of denying my own sexuality, it’s a reflection on (and celebration of) being ‘out’; a sort of ‘coming out’ in painting terms if you like. A lot of my previous paintings in a similar style featured embroidered lines surrounding some of the shapes, I always thought of these lines as barriers trying to contain what was inside them. This piece is the first to have no embroidered boundaries'.


Artist Description

Katie Wells is a British artist creating nature-inspired, abstract paintings and embroideries. Her process involves pouring fluid colour washes onto the canvas with very little planning to achieve a watercolour effect that incorporates accidental marks into the final image. 

Finally by Katie Wells



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