In the Bath-house #7 by Konstantin Zhukov *Unframed*

Medium : C-type archival photographic print on high-gloss paper, edition of 5, signed on reverse

Size : 500 x 330 mm



Artwork Description

This piece is titled after a poem by the classical Arabic poet Abu Nuwas (756-814), that describes the joyous atmosphere of a place where “the mysteries hidden by trousers are revealed to you”. This photographic print, inspired by the poem, is part of a series exploring and responding to the homoerotic poetry from the Islamic Golden Age. 
'For a westerner, working with Arabic poetry – the poetry of a layered and diverse culture – it can be easy to fall into the trap of Orientalism and produce a simplistic, mythologised interpretation. However, what inspired me was the idea of the non-linearity of history. Think about it: whereas the Middle East is sometimes portrayed to be an inherently ‘backwards’ society by Western standards today, such emancipated poetry would have earned an European writer of the same era far more dire consequences'.


Artist Description

Originally from Latvia, Konstantin is a London based artist and designer. His body of work has been exhibited internationally as part of events and exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo (Paris), South London Gallery (London) and Flecha Art Fair (Madrid) among others.

In the Bath-house #7 by Konstantin Zhukov *Unframed*



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