Izzy and Aliyah by Alia Romagnoli

Medium : Photographic print, signed on reverse. Unframed

Size : 415 x 310 mm


Artwork Description

'The support from your chosen family is such a significant part of being in the LGBTQ+ community. The hands reaching out in this set are a symbol of how important these connections are when in search of where you belong.'


Artist Description

With Indian and Italian heritage, Alia Romagnoli’s research focuses on female strength, nature and spirituality. These elements all become part of her subjects, often inspired by Indian culture and rituals. The artist’s primary medium is photography – her shots are often staged to create a unique narrative connecting to ancient rituals and traditions as well as with contemporary culture and social media. While each in studio shot is dipped in surreal, vibrant colours and the settings and costumes are heavily curated, Alia’s body of work conveys a documentary-like narrative and sheds a light on issues concerning gender, sexuality and race.


CREDITS: Special thanks to: head makeup artist, Umber Ghauri, Salwa Rahman for beauty direction and production, Katie Gill Harrison for styling, Maha Alselami for makeup assisting, Freya Noyce for production and photo assisting, Shariqa, Izzy, Atiya and Aliyah for modelling.

Izzy and Aliyah by Alia Romagnoli



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