Pink Flamingo Wearing Black Feathers by Ben Connors

Medium : Giclee print, unframed

Size : 422 x 420 mm


Artwork Description

In 2017 Poet Dean Atta and visual artist Ben Connors had a studio residency at Tate Britain ‘The Black Flamingo Studio Residency’ they used The Black Flamingo, a metaphor found within Atta’s work to explore identities of queer people of colour, as the starting point for this collaboration. Responding to both their own conversations and those with visitors, they created new works in the space over the course of the residency, exploring identity through poetry and visual art. You can see some of Dean Atta’s poetry in this video directed by Lisa Cazzato Vieyra- 


Artist Description

Ben Connors is a London based artist and designer. His work explores themes of identity, representation and communication. A versatile artist working across a broad spectrum of media and techniques, Ben's work varies from abstract acrylic paintings to figurative drawings and also includes animation, comic and typography. The artist's creative process often involves interaction and collaboration with others. 

Pink Flamingo Wearing Black Feathers by Ben Connors



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