QF /2 by Radek Husak

Medium : Pigment transfer, chine colle, collage and colour pencils on watercolour paper. Unframed

Size : 390 x 280 mm


Artwork Description

This print is a hand embellished artwork from an edition of 3 + 1AP. The artist says: 'The artwork is my response to different ways in which my mental health has been affected by the lockdown. The moods of the composition range from fear and confusion to the boredom associated with enforced confinement. The multiple layers of coloured tissue and hand painted paper evoke the fragile nature of the creative process. The averted gaze of the muse allows only a passive contemplation of the subject. This piece encapsulates the tension between something that is both oppressive and claustrophobic, yet  elegant and beautiful at the same time.'


Artist Description

Radek Husak's practice is firmly situated in the expanded field of print. Through intensive research and experimentation, he has defined his own process which features pigment transfers twinned with carbon-drawn elements on sandblasted aluminium, often utilising the alternative photographic technique of the cyanotype. The artist’s figurative series are influenced by the timeless tradition of the nude combined with surrealism and pop culture from the 1950s and 1960s. In 2019, Radek's work was exhibited at Somerset House as part of Photo London.

QF /2 by Radek Husak



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