Still Life with Six Circles by Hisham Echafaki

Medium : Limited print, edition of 30 (unframed)

Size : 700 x 500 mm


Artwork Description

A contemporary reinterpretation of classical Dutch still life painting.


Artist Description

Hisham Echafaki is a self-taught painter with a fascination for animals, insects and nature in general. His works have been featured in gallery exhibitions across London, Paris and LA. Primarily working in oil, acrylic and resin, his paintings present surrealist compositions examining the impact that humankind has on the environment's fragile balance. The artist says: 'Through my art, I share the way I experience the world. Even though my subjects are generally aesthetically pleasing in their colour and patterns, I like to include messages to highlight causes that are important to me. An artist’s heritage, background or life experiences are all facets of our identity that are reflected in the artwork whether intentional or not. An artist’s sexuality for example may not always seem important or relevant to an interpretation of their work, especially if their art does not explicitly address this subject, but sometimes without this context, it’s easy to miss relevant and intimate aspects of a piece'.

Still Life with Six Circles by Hisham Echafaki



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