The Collapse of History IV by Henry Hussey



Medium : Watercolour on paper. Available unframed or framed in a light wood think black frame.

Size : 703 x 500 mm


Artwork Description

The subject references the symbolism of hermaphrodites which, as an archetypical being, represents marriage, perfect union and balance. The piece is inspired by the embodiment of both feminine and masculine in one unified form and by the innate human desire to find order.


Artist Description

Henry Hussey graduated with an MA in Textiles at the Royal College of Art in London. His work has been exhibited in cities across the UK and internationally including London, New York and Hong Kong. His works, often textile pieces and sculptures, are deeply personal and emotionally raw. Whether through a vocabulary of quasi-mythological symbols, or in embroidered lines of text extracted from performative situations, Henry seeks to create expressions of perceived truth in response to aggravating relationships and events from his life.

The Collapse of History IV by Henry Hussey



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