The Song Of Self by Helen Beard

Medium : Nine colour silkscreen print on 410gsm Somerset Tub sized radiant white paper. Limited edition of 50, unframed

Size : 760 x 600 mm


Artwork Description

The Song of Self was originally produced exclusively for Playboy to illustrate the article 'The Erotic Art of Helen Beard' for the Summer 2019 issue. 


Artist Description

Helen Beards' art practice includes various media such as paint, collage and needlepoint as well as sculpture and installation. Her work explores themes set within a broader context of relationships and sex. Recent large colour field oil paintings of closely cropped sexual images are drawn from pornographic material and subverted into colourful joyous works. They take back ownership of sexual imagery from the predominately male gaze of the photographic or video image, and portray sex in a technicolour palette of stylized shapes.

The Song Of Self by Helen Beard



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